The 5 wins and gains of hiring content-led marketing professionals in Amman, Jordan

In the years since Write Pilot was established in 2011, a lot has changed in the digital marketing industry and at fleeting pace only a few could keep up with. For instance, social media, digital advertising and content have now become essential ingredients in the marketing mix of a company.

Moreover, industry titles have changed from copywriting to SEO copywriting to content marketing to inbound marketing with very little knowledge of the difference! 

Copywriting is now focused on writing for humans whilst SEO copywriting is focused on writing for humans and machines with special emphasis on user experience (UX), colour and the look and feel of a website. Content marketing, on the other hand, is focused on the overarching strategy for search, content and display, whereas In-bound marketing is the methodology itself that leads to more visitors being attracted to a website (so called, leads generation), and subsequently more awareness and income

The wins and gains of hiring an inbound marketing agency, beyond having all the requisite skills integrated in one platform, entity or software, is the following:

1. Advanced industry experience and knowledge.
They say Information is power and without it you’d be shooting in the dark and paying more for less! Haven’t you ever wondered which activities you invest in online are worth your money and which aren’t? The Hubspot dashboard, which can be purchased in the Middle East from Write Pilot  is intended to do just that: provide insights as to which activities online are worth your investment.
Hiring an inbound marketing agency in Jordan will help change the way business speak, listen and share information online through proven industry tactics that subsequently influence your online rankings and profitability. Consequently, you will start to understand who your customers are, where they are coming from and what ticks them on or off: An offer? A Call-to-action? A service? A freebie? Or a simple word? For example, I was surprised to know that the majority of my customers, despite my intense activities on facebook, twitter and linkedin come from Jordan’s Yellow pages! This makes it an interesting platform to invest in and link up with from the standpoint of my business. It also makes it an interesting platform for others ‘outside of Jordan and within’ to invest in and link with in order to access the Jordanian market, and hence, more flow of capital into the country and to Jordanian businesses!

2. Partnerships to reduce time and effort
The partnership will provide you with an integrated platform, similar to that of a pilot’s dashboard, to help facilitate navigation of the web. Without it, you would have to jump from one application to another and from one social platform to another! Hence, implementing a disjointed and fragmented campaign as opposed to an integrated one. The Dashboard will, therefore, minimise the time and effort spent online to achieve your business goals and objectives. For instance, I am now able to post on facebook, twitter, and linked-in simultaneously, track progress overtime and monitor the outcome just by looking at one dashboard. I am even better at analysing which keywords, photos, and colours work best for my industry and for which markets and at what price, increasing the click-through rates and ultimately increasing my income just by understanding my customers’ wants and needs.

3. Minimise Cost and increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns

Never in the history of doing business in Jordan have I witnessed an under appreciation to shortcuts. Shortcuts sell like cupcakes! People here love shortcuts and free rides! The dashboard available at Write Pilot will provide you with all the necessary shortcuts you need to design an email template, for example, a landing page, or call to action without having to worry about user experience (UX). It will provide you with all the tools to keep you ahead of the game. In short, it will help launch a data-informed marketing campaign that minimises cost on investment across platforms and search engines. 

4. Access to the best consultancy services

The art and craft of content marketing was made in America! By purchasing one of our service packages, you will access Hubspot’s leading content marketing consultancy that will contribute to greater collaboration in knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer. Who is to say that a new skill won’t help you individually to find employment or improve your business profitability? According to statistics 64% of traffic comes from organic search- not paid or black hat technical manoeuvring. This means that continuous nurturing of your clients' base through blogs, conversations, forms, e-mails, CTAs and landing pages will increase traffic to your website automatically

5. Help introduce localised content through an Arabised Dashboard.
Arabic content is scarce but with the support of Write Pilot’s Arabised software, people might be more inclined to post more views once they see the results. Understanding the search preferences of an Arabic audience has not puzzled anyone; Haifa Wahbeh is still the number one female icon in the Arab world and Omar Al-Abduallat is still the number one singer in Jordan but from the standpoint of a business, wouldn’t you want to explain what the sentence “Made in Jordan” really stands for? Which words really account for Jordanian products and services?

I have been following the industry’s progression with a keen interest and watchful eye and I can honestly say that writing for the web has now become a specialised profession that needs to be professionalized across industries. The Social Media Summit proved this point last month in Jordan. Therefore, if we are ever going to create opportunities for the unemployed youth, one needs to consider and invest in new professions that have been brought to the fore by the technical evolution of cyber space. We need to move away from the sticky professions that have oversaturated our markets and look towards new avenues to explore and exploit. Investing in  inbound marketing services will give you new insights, new partnerships and new ideas for doing business.

To explore and exploit, investing in hiring inbound marketing professionals  who will give you new insights, new partnerships and new ideas for doing business.


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