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Content by design and optimisation

#content_by_Design Considerations to take when building and designing your content assets

Content by design and by optimisation

Content by design is a process that helps the content of your company stand out and be received by your audience on first-serve basis. This is achieved by properly mapping the collateral of content created by objective and audience interest across each stage of the buying cycle. We then apply all the technical bells and whistles through proper tagging and link building and test it for performance results.

How to write content pilots that increase leads generation-Write Pilot?

Content mapping is aligned with multiple variables to increase leads generation-Write Pilot

Typically, a customer's decision is influenced by various factors at any given moment in time. In the early stages of online research, the customer goes through understanding the 'pros and cons' of a product or service, after which he takes into consideration a variety of different factors, which include: price, quality, size, shipping, availability of spare parts, maintenance, service, etc

Ideally, we aim to address in writing all the corresponding factors underlying the consumption of content by users. These include:

  1. The Customer Journey.
  2. The Structure of content and its Design

The Customer Journey reflects the different levels of awareness  and interest in the product, or service prior to and after purchase:

Building, mapping and designing the assets of your content requires a general understanding of all forms of content, the medium by which it is displayed and the objective for which it serves across each stage of the customer's journey:
  1. Awareness and Interest
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision
  4. Conversion
  5. Advocacy

The variables that influence how content is mapped for leads generation and website hits can be summarised in the following:

Content is mapped by 

  • The subject interest and the topics you wish to cover.
  • The diverse learning styles of audiences which include visual, auditory, social or logical.
  • Industry keywords and volume of searches per keyword.
  • Industry competition for those keywords and associated costs per keyword to consider for PPC campaigns.
  • Keyword Easter Eggs 
  • Use of Tags and special scripts.

The processes by which content is mapped for increasing leads generation are:


We collect and combine information and knowledge, even data about your target audience using multiple tools to understand their interests in, or comprehension of your product, including your competitive position within the industry.


We put together, categorise and select the acquired information in the order of audiences' interests across each stage of the buying cycle and company objective. We then  present it in the most attractive and user-friendly manner


We create your own authentic content and present it in a stylised manner, tone and voice.
It needs to reflect your position in your industry as an influencer and authoritative leader.