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Letter from the CEO-Write Pilot

Invest in optimised content to make the best out of your
budget for content-led marketing

Writing your way up to the top of Google rankings is no easy task. It requires time and patience, and among the many methods used to do so is through optimised content. That is, content made easy to read by Search Engines and, by design, selected on the basis of information obtained on users' behaviour online. (e.g., Google Analytics).

It involves identifying the words most customers use when writing, or typing into Google Search to find out information on a particular service, or product they need and using it in your copy after accentuating it with a combination of technical and design elements, even structure or form. (e.g. hashtags, infographics). For a more detailed view, please check out this guide: Get a guide on optimised content

Optimised content is a trusted form of advertising and a preferred alternative to 'paid' advertising. This is because it enhances, among many other tools and techniques, trust in and understanding of your company's services and Unique Selling Point (USP) through greater communication. It is, therefore, a critical element in the content marketing mix, which many people tend to overlook.

Our professional experts provide services using a set of different tactics and approaches illustrated in the subsequent section to position you in the right place and at the right time as the most relevant, exciting, and convenient provider in terms of cost and quality. But equally, we write content that is simple, authentic, catchy and straight-forward. We do so using data-informed practices like keyword research, SEO copywriting and user friendly (UX) designs, including A/B testing to identify the words mostly used by customers at minimum cost. We then  follow that up with a leads generation campaigns to:

A. Drive traffic to your website

B. Increase your click-through rates (CTR);

C. Encourage conversions.

D. Instigate behavioural change.

This will drive up the rankings of your website simply because your optimised content hits the mark.  

Thank you,

Wafa' Nimri                                                                                                                                   

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Optimised content professionals empower you with tools and approaches that help you run leads generation campaigns that deliver tangible results.