Training and Re-skilling Programmes

Offering Capability-Building and Content Marketing Insights

Write Pilot's content marketing Skills Development Programme offers insight and hands-on practice geared toward basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Our training programmes offer basic, intermediate and advanced level training across diverse areas of specialisation in content-led marketing. They are delivered in short, customisable and easy to digest form and are packed with case studies and references that leave you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. We cover subject areas in content marketing that include: Analytics and SEO copywriting, Leads Generation Campaigns and Advertising.
#Content_marketing_Basics_Write_Pilot_in_Amman Basic level training in content marketing in Amman Jordan

Content-led Marketing Basics

Learn the tricks of the trade from our very own professionals in content marketing.
  1. Multi-level and Multi focus areas of specialisation
  2. Short, Crisp and Easy to digest.
  3. Customised for the Middle East market
  4. Packed with case studies and references
  5. Delivered in Arabic and English

Our Unique Service Offering in Content-led Marketing Training is packed with resource-rich material, case studies and references.

We provide training courses in diverse areas of specialisation relative to content marketing.
Our courses are short, crisp and packed with case studies and references customised for the Middle East audience.

I am offering you the chance to learn my tricks of the trade, mostly learnt by scouring the internet for free downloadable materials and information and, admittedly, making a long-trail of mistakes of which I proudly bear  through an accumulated and immersive experience of trial and error- They say that is how you learn best!

I also enrolled in a few promising courses online to develop my skills in content-led marketing and optimisation. The first training programme I enrolled in was a Google-sponsored online course titled 'We Are Squared,' which I found useful in terms of the information provided and the projects we were obliged to work on as a team.

The second is subscribing to Hubspot's Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM), which I found extremely expensive, but highly useful and easy to use. It offered practical guidance into understanding the interplay between the 6 core areas of work and grow my skills in developing leads generation campaigns.

All of this can be shared with you if you enrol in one of our skills development training programmes, which was exclusively developed to meet the requirements of an audience in the Middle East market who typically like short and crisp training programmes- This is so they find it easier to digest and manage their time around.

Our training programmes are by default packed with instructive material and practical examples, case studies and useful references, including one-on-one coaching. They last no longer than 3 hours in duration on the condition that the minimum threshold requirement for organising a class are 18 students per course.

We offer practical and hands on experience and you can choose between a class delivered in Arabic and English or a combination of both as many of you would like to receive. The first course is offered remotely in adherence to safety measures imposed by governments to protect against Covid-19, and is titled: Understanding The Basics of Building Content Assets for Content Marketing.

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