We Track, Track and Attribute

We analyse the numbers and attributions to help you map your content assets 

Our professional experts continuously analyse content across each stage of the customer's buying cycle to identify high-performing keyword targets and use them in your copy.

We Track

We track the performance of content by measuring bounce rates and click-through-rates (CTRs), impressions and conversions. 

We Trace

We trace the content by data, source/channel and location or device to determine what works and what doesn't. 

We Attribute

We value the worth of your content by the volume of traffic it generates and by the number of conversions it achieves

Creating Optimised content Pilots for Content-led Marketing-Write Pilot

We write content pilots that are optimised for search engines (SERP)

Striking the right notes with your audience requires addressing the dual challenge of satisfying people's information needs and personal interests and playing with words. Offline, this could be easily acquired from personal contacts and practical experience, education and the relevant literature. (i.e., market research)

Obtaining this information online is, however, a different matter, although not altogether that different! One can still conduct market research by disseminating survey questionnaires online and reading the relevant literature. The only difference is in the way marketers collect useful information on potential buyers (leads) and customers, which is through software analytics or content optimisation tools.

These tools give you the necessary data that enable you to understand:

1. Search volume by keyword used for the relevant industry

2. Existing competition for similar keywords used by companies in similar sectors/industries. 

3. Finding keyword easter eggs! 

They also help you assess how your content is performing online, whether it is attracting the people you are targeting, or satisfying their information needs.